Coaching will be available for members of all standards, ranging from how to hold a mallet through to Association play.

There are coaches within the club and we have the opportunity to invite qualified coaches from other clubs.

A “Refresher” course will be held in April this year (see ‘Events’ for details) for those members who joined last year and who feel they need to be reminded of the “whats and hows”.  Penny, Jane and Anne are organising this.

More advanced coaching sessions are being arranged with externally qualified coaches including Anna Giraud who many will remember from last year.

A U3A 6-week golf coaching course will start in May, and a 4-week course for Association Croquet will now commence in August.  Further details will be available shortly.

The Club has three nearly full sized lawns, one of which can be converted to two short lawns for Association croquet. The lawns layout for the beginning of the 2017 season are to be reviewed and a diagram will appear on the website shortly.